Family charges ahead at 2016 USBC Women’s Championships

Aaron Smith
USBC Communications
Published: May 6, 2016 |
LAS VEGAS – The Emerald and Sapphire Division leaderboards saw new leaders emerge Wednesday at the 2016 United States Bowling Congress Women’s Championships, and the theme of family played a big part in each.

Sapphire Doubles saw the mother and daughter duo of Janet and Arianne Sward of Grasston, Minnesota, move to the top of the standings for the second consecutive year, while sisters Chris Mahana of Eagle, Idaho, and Kitty Cody of Citrus Heights, California, cruised to the lead in Emerald Doubles at the South Point Bowling Plaza.

Individually, Patsy Northey of Cambridge, Wisconsin, made her move up the leaderboard in Emerald Singles as her daughter, Shelly Key of Marshall, Wisconsin, put together a strong performance in Diamond Singles.

The Swards left last year’s USBC Women’s Championships in Reno, Nevada, with the lead in Sapphire Doubles and finished the event in fourth place. In 2016, they edged their way to the top of standings with a 1,073 total. Ann-Marie Davis of Lithia, Florida, and Randi DeVillier of Riverview, Florida, previously held the lead with 1,068.

Arianne led the way with games of 225, 175 and 165 for a 565 series, while Janet added 155, 164 and 189 for a 508 set.

“Arianne was on her mark today, and we had a really good time in Las Vegas,” Janet Sward said. “We were shocked to find out we took the lead again, and it’s a great feeling. We watched a lot last year after taking the lead, but we dropped off at the end. My daughter and I bowl in the same league, and it’s something we’ve always done together. It’s nice to have her come with me to the tournament and be my partner.”

Sapphire Doubles features bowlers with combined entering averages of 290-319.

050516ChrisMahanaKittyCody_250Mahana and Cody have been bowling together on the same team for some time, but the 2016 Women’s Championships marked the first time they have paired up for doubles.

The natural chemistry showed as they put more than 65 pins between themselves and the rest of the Emerald Doubles field as they combined for a 1,167 total. Mahana rolled games of 175, 254 and 203 for a 632 series to pace the pair, while Cody added 230, 135 and 170 for a 535 total.

JoAnn Olson of Hutchinson, Minnesota, and Denise Gann of Odenville, Alabama, previously held the lead with 1,101.

“We’ve never gotten to bowl doubles before, so we enjoyed it,” Mahana said. “We enjoy coming to the tournament and have been bowling a long time, but we have never won anything together. It would be really good if our score held on to win.”

Emerald Doubles features bowlers with combined entering averages of 320-349.

050516PatsyNorthey_250Northey came out of the gates firing during her singles set at the Bowling Plaza, recording games of 226 and 266 to put herself in great position to move ahead of the 630 series posted by Teresa Person of Tigard, Oregon on April 17.

Northey’s final game featured some early struggles, but she got what she needed in the ninth and 10th frames to get to 139 and a 631 total to sneak into the Emerald lead by a single pin.

After a good performance during her team event Tuesday, Northey decided to stick with a lucky note to help her along the way as both her and her daughter started striking Wednesday.

“When we bowled team event, I put on my shoes and didn’t notice anything,” said Northey, who moved into fifth in Emerald All-Events with sets of 505 in doubles and 504 in team for a 1,640 total. “When I put on my shoes today, I noticed a piece of paper in my left shoe that I didn’t see last night. It was a note from my husband wishing all of us good look. I thought since last night went well, I’d stick in back in my shoe for today, and I bowled my first 600 in a long time. My daughter and I have shared so many good times together, and to have her here today, along with my girlfriends, is awesome.”

050516ShellyKeyPatsyNorthey_250Key’s move into the top 10 included games of 194, 223 and 244 for a 661 series, which is 10th in Diamond Singles. Daphne Smith of Simpsonville, South Carolina, leads with 724.

Emerald Singles features bowlers with entering averages of 160-174, and Diamond Singles includes competitors with entering averages of 190 and above.

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