Once Again, Jason Belmonte On Top of the Bowling World

By Michael Cousins

After a one year hiatus from bowling’s top honor — The Player of the Year — Belmonte is well on his way to his fourth in five years after capturing the 2017 PBA World Championship title — his 9th Major title in as many years.

The win also puts Belmonte one Major championship away from tying Pete Weber’s PBA record of ten Major titles. Which, at just 34 years of age, seems more like a matter of when than an if for Belmonte.

And, at this rate, I’d argue that Walter Ray Williams Jr’s overall title record would be in jeopardy, too, if the tour were as long as it was back when WRW was in his prime. But, alas, with the current tour schedule the way it is, that record won’t be touched anytime soon.

But, despite that, one thing needs to be made clear: we’re not just watching the best bowler in the world; we’re watching one of the best bowlers of all-time, in his prime, dominating his sport in an almost Tiger-esque fashion.

This isn’t the first historical run our sport has seen, obviously. Anthony, Roth, and WRW Jr all dominated their respective eras quite impressively, as well. But this is certainly similar in nature. And every bit as impressive.

It’s a shame that so many feel the need to place an asterisk next to his accomplishments instead of just enjoying this run and acknowledging that he’s just on another level than the rest of the planet right now.

I don’t care if he’s using one hand, two hands, or three hands. What he’s doing in Majors is historic and unprecedented.

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