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900 Global Chemical X Bowling Ball


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"Chemical X is 900 Global’s 3rd introduction in the Tour series”
~ Jeff Ussery


Chemical X is 900 Global’s 3rd introduction in the Tour series, along with the Booyah and Black Ops.  Chemical X is the first sanded reactive in the tour series, offering bowlers a strong mid-lane motion with continuous backend shape. 

The Chemical X utilizes a new pod symmetric core system, with a 2.49 rg and a .035 differential in 15# balls. 

The slate/lemon-lime colored S55 solid reactive coverstock is finished off at 4000 grit to give this ball traction in medium to medium heavy oil lane conditions.  The new Chemical X offers bowlers 3-4” of track flare potential, and will match up best at the start of the day when conditions are fresh.

Coverstock: S55 Solid
Core: Pod Symmetric 
Factory Finish: 4,000 Grit
Flare Potential: 3-4"
RG 2.49
Diff .035



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