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900 Global Boost Pearl Bowling Ball

  • 900 Global Respect Bowling Ball

900 Global Respect Bowling Ball


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"Respect is a great strong symmetrical ball. Nice compliment to the Moxie and very versatile. ”
~ Jeff Ussery



We took the high flaring Tetra™ Symmetric core and wrapped in our newest coverstock development, the 79 Alert™ Hybrid.  This coverstock has a uniquely enhanced surface topography that provides a ton of friction in the mater midland and break point.  Compared to the Moxie, the Respect will allow you to play a deeper inside line, swinging as much of the lane as you want and saving more energy for a strong finish at the pins.

The Respect™ will be the perfect choice for bowlers looking for a deep inside line and tons of backend on Medium-Heavy lanes conditions.

Throw It to Earn It!

Coverstock: 79 AlertTM Hybrid (NEW)
Core: TetraTM Symmetric (Used in the Moxie)
Factory Finish: 1,500 Grit Pad Polished
900Global Tier: Prime Series
Flare Potential: 5-6"
16# RG 2.48 Diff .050
15# RG 2.49 Diff .052
14# RG 2.53 Diff .049
13# RG 2.59 Diff .045
12# RG 2.65 Diff .035


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