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900 Global Boost Pearl Bowling Ball

  • 900 Global X Bowling Ball

900 Global X Bowling Ball


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"X is 900 Global’s 3rd introduction in the Tour series” ~ Andrew Adler - BowlersMart

The Tour Preferred line has quickly established itself as the premier choice of tournament bowlers. Predictability and control are always at a premium on tournament conditions. The X perfectly achieves both of these attributes. The low RG/ Low Differential Pod™ symmetric core provides early revving action to smooth out the motion at the breakpoint, while the S57 shell and NEAT “A” finish provide the ideal amount of traction to combat all medium lane conditions.

Coverstock: S57 Solid

Core: Pod Symmetric

Factory Finish: NEAT “A” 2500 Grit

Flare Potential: 3-4"

RG 2.49

Diff .035


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