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AMF Decimate Bowling Ball

  • AMF Decimate Bowling Ball

AMF Decimate Bowling Ball


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"The Decimate is the strongest AMF ball I have had in a while. The hybrid cover makes it clean through the front part of the lane but still reads the midlane nicely. I do not have any trouble with throwing this ball through the breakpoint and it has a great, hardcharging continuation down lane. Very versatile ball for me..”
~ Paul Colombani - BowlersMart Woodridge

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The Secret of the Decimate pin destroying power lies within it's F75 Hybrid SOAKER shell. AMF engineers used the High RG and High Differential symmetric Combustion core to produce length through the front of the lane and a strong arcing motion at the breakpoint.

Finished with a NEAT "T" (4,000 grit ) finish from the factory to produce optimum results on a wide range of medium to medium heavy conditions the F75 coverstock is extremely versatile to surface changes.
Decimate your enemies - Leave Nothing Standing!

Features: -
-Color: Aqua/Purple
- Cover: F75 Hybrid Reactive
- Core: Combustion Symmetric Core
- Finish: NEAT T pad (4000 grit)
- RG: 2.55
- Diff: .055


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