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AMF Nighthawk SE Bowling Ball


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"The Nighthawk was one of my favorite balls of all time and this one does not disappoint. AMF done a great job wrapping this shell around the great Nighthawk core to give the reaction I remember but on todays lane conditions. ” ~ Andrew Adler - BowlersMart

We love bowling as much as you do, and like most people we've got our All-Time favorites tucked away for special occassions... That's our inspiration for the new Night Hawk Speical Edition; take a ball reaction from the past everyone loved and give it that Special Edition touch to match today's lane conditions. With an updated coverstock, sharp looking black hybrid color and NEAT "T" Pad finish, the Night Hawk SE is going to provide that controlled and predictable motion off the spot that every competive bowler needs.

This isn't your dad's Night Hawk, but it will certainly make him feel nestalgic.

- Color: Black Solid Black Pearl

- Core: Power Ring Symmetric

- Coverstock: F55 Hybrid

- Finish: NEAT "T" (4000 Grit)

- Length: Medium

- Motion: Controlled

- Recommended Lane Condition: Medium Oil

- RG: 2.53

- Diff: 0.046


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