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AZO Cheater Hybrid Bowling Ball


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AZO’s new Cheater Hybrid offers bowlers a new high-performance ball with strong backend motion! The new Stacked Deck Hybrid coverstock has been finished at a 2000 grit Abralon sanded finish. The hybrid additives give the Cheater Hybrid more length than the original Cheater, and a skid/snap backend motion. The Cheater Hybrid will match up best on medium oil conditions with fresh backends, and makes for a great transition ball when the original Cheater begins to become too strong for the bowler.

AZO’s testing shows the Cheater Hybrid to be 2-3 boards less hook than the original Cheater, while offering a quicker reaction to backend friction. Cheater Hybrid comes in an attractive blue and black sparkle pearl combination, with neon orange logos. Don’t get caught trying to play fair! Stack the deck in your favor with the new Cheater Hybrid!

Joker Asymmetric Core

This core shape  allowed low, medium, and high rev players to utilize the strength of the core and cover to cheat on heavier volumes. The core / cover combo creates traction at the right spot on the lanes for all types of games, which made this ball special!

Stacked Deck Hybrid Cover

The Stacked Deck Hybrid cover allows the large core to store energy for a strong backend reaction. All styles and rev rates can see the sharp change of direction on medium to heavier volumes.

- Color: Blue Solid / Black Pearl Sparkle
- Reaction: Big Overall Hook With Strong Backend Snap
- Coverstock:Stacked Deck Hybrid™
- Core Type: Joker Asymmetric™
- Factory Finish:2000 Matte
- Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.51
- Differential (Diff): .044
- Intermediate Differential - .022
- Recommended Lane Condition: Medium to Heavy Oil


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