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AZO Outbreak Pearl Bowling Ball


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Retail: $219.95

Sale: $89.59 + Free Shipping

You Save 59%
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"Big backend reaction, this ball impressed us a lot with the change of direction strength. The blood red /  silver pearl combo also really makes the ball stand out."
~ Jeff Ussery


The time is now to save yourself, and your scores when the lanes start to get drier. AZOmbies everywhere took control of the lanes with the consistent, big hook from the OUTBREAK on fresh. Now it is time to get aggressive with big backend movement of the OUTBREAK Pearl on medium to drier conditions!

The OUTBREAK Pearl has AZO’s newest coverstock formulation (Contagion) with pearl added. Its chemical make-up allows this ball to change direction quickly down the lane near the end of the pattern. Giving you a hard charging, big backend motion to strike.

Paired with our Hype symmetric core, we found that the core shape and numbers paired with the Contagion Pearl cover allows the OUTBREAK Pearl to easily push through the front part of the lane without over shooting the break point and providing strong backend motion you need on medium to drier oil.

Like all of our new AZO covers, Contagion pearl responds well to surface changes. We chose 1500 grit polished, putting the OUTBREAK Pearl at home when there’s medium oil on the lanes. Simply remove some of the shine to make it rev up earlier and provide traction earlier for heavier oil volumes.

- Color: Blood Red / Silver Pearl
- Reaction: Big Backend Motion
- Coverstock: Contagion™ Pearl Reactive
- Core Type: Truth Symmetric™
- Factory Finish:1500 Abralon Polished
- Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.49
- Differential (Diff): .050
- Intermediate Differential - N/A
- Recommended Lane Condition: Medium to Lighter Volumes


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