BowlersMart Annual Ball of the Year Vote

As we are now into the new year, it is time we do what we always do near the first of the year: look back at the past year — in this case 2018 — and decide on the BowlersMart Annual Ball of the Year.

As always, we will be putting together a list of some of the hottest balls from the past year, we’ll let you all vote on them to seed them and then, afterwards, we will place them in a bracket style tournament where you — the readers — can vote on which ball advances to the next round.

Below, we will be listing balls — in no particular order — that had outstanding presence all over the country. We will be starting with 25 balls on the list. We will put the top 16 balls that you vote on into the bracket so that they are seeded. We will have a round of 16, 8, 4, and then the finals.

Without any further wait, lets get the 2018 BowlersMart Ball of the Year!

Vote now!

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