The global 900 volatility bowling ball review from bowlersmart

The 900 Global Volatility Bowling Ball is a ball that has plenty of traction on the heaviest of oil. They have created a new core design to help this ball motor on heavier conditions. Also this ball uses the strongest cover 900 Global has to date.

The 900 Global Volatility utilizes The S86R™ Cover-stock which was also used on the Inception DCT. This cover is the strongest in the 900 Global line of products. This version of the S86R is hybrid so it gives a touch more length and backend than the Inception DCT. We had this ball a few straighter through the front but more angular than the DCT downlane.

The 900 Global Volatility core is a fresh new design.  They tweaked the densities and shapes to create more RG and Differential but maintaining the mass bias strength in the medium to low range.  By keeping the Intermediate lower, they have done away with the chance of the asymmetry created by the core causing the ball to hook too early!! Pick one up today from