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Columbia 300 Disorder Bowling Ball

  • Columbia 300 Disorder Bowling Ball

Columbia 300 Disorder Bowling Ball


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"My go to ball when I am looking for a reliable, consistent reaction. I have not had a resurgence core ball I did not like.'”
~ Kedrick Murphy – BowlersMart Cary

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Product Information
Bend-It Hybrid:

Bend-It Pearl was used on the very popular Vow and Bend-It Solid was a top performer on the Oath… we’ve combined the two in order to give you Bend-It Hybrid.  This top performing coverstock provides way too much performance for this mid-price ball... that’s why we have no problem calling it Disorder!

Resurgence Core:

The fact that we keep coming back to this core and you keep shooting the lights out with it means that we’re all doing something right.  The Resurgence core has been one of the best ever, now give it a try with a new stronger cover formula. The low RG and Medium Differential makes this a great choice for all styles.

What To Expect:

Lots of hook for not a lot of money!  The Disorder will give you more traction than any Columbia 300 ball in the mid-performance category in recent history.  If you want to have fun, and you want to see your ball hook on medium to heavy oil without breaking the bank, you’ll want to pick up a Disorder today!

Color    Electric Lime / Purple
Reaction    Big Hook
Coverstock    Bend-It Hybrid
Factory Finish    500, 2000 Abralon
Core    Resurgence
Weight    12-16#
RG / Diff / MB

Weight    RG    Diff    MB
12    2.49    .039    
13    2.53    .055    
14    2.50    .042    
15    2.46    .040    
16    2.47    .035