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Columbia 300 Mad Antics Bowling Ball


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"Columbia's newest high peformance ball the mad antics is their strongest release yet in the antics lineup. Mad Antics starts out with the high dynamics core shape made popular by the Crazy Antics last winter.

Combined with a new Hybrid AR350 coverstock designed for midlane strength the Mad Antics is best suited on medium heavy to heavy oil lane conditions Even with the strong midlane built into the cover the Mad Antics retains good backend motion with a continuous shape Mad Antics is finished off with a 500/4000 abralon grit finish powerhouse clean N sheen applied after sanding.

~ Kedrick Murphy – BowlersMart Cary


The cover on the Mad Antics is a new hybrid blend that is stronger than any previously released Antics balls. The Mad Antics is a fantastic choice when you need a big hooking motion through the mid-lane with great continuation. The new hybrid cover is finished with 500, 4000 Abralon® and Clean n’ Sheen. 

The Mad Antics uses the original Hi-Dynamix core made popular with the Crazy Antics. The Hi-Dynamix is a very strong, dynamic core with big flare potential and has been a favorite among many different styles. 

The Mad Antics reads the mid-lane stronger than any high performance ball we’ve released in recent times and maintains a strong and continuous motion throughout the pin deck. The extra grit Clean n’ Sheen provides helps the Mad Antics produce some of the strongest motion we’ve seen in our High Performance line without sacrificing great length.

Coverstock: Ar350 Hybrid
Weight Block: Hi-Dynamix
Factory Finish: 500/4000 Abralon® Polished w/Powerhouse Clean n' Sheen
Flare Potential: High
Radius of Gyration (RG):
2.50 Differential (Diff): .054 
Intermediate Differential .016



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