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Hammer Arson Low Flare Solid Bowling Ball

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Hammer Arson High Flare Solid Bowling Ball


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"Really loved the spot the High Flare filled in my bag and I am happy I have that look for heavier volumes now.” ~ Lewis Martin - BowlersMart Spring Hill

When you want strength and predictability, look no further than our Arson High Flare series. While the original High Flare shows it’s strength at the back end of the lane, our brand new Arson High FlareSolid is equally strong in the mid-lane but is as consistent as they come with its motion through the back end of the lane.

FCC Rating (24.25) The overall strength of the Arson High Flare Solid makes this the strongest ball in our historic Arson line.

FINISH (8.5) The 3000 Abralon finish is perfect for medium oil patterns. Although we don’t think you will need it, this one takes surface adjustments easily to handle larger volumes of oil.

CORE (8.75) Our Modified Arson 2 core utilizes our original Arson core design with modified densities to create a stronger overall ball reaction.

COVER (7) Our Max-Hook cover was featured on the original Arson series. This solid version provides a strong yet predictable ball motion.

Coverstock: Max-Hook Solid

Weight Block: Modified Arson 2

Factory Finish: 500/3000 Abralon®

Flare Potential: High

Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.48

Differential (Diff): .054


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