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Hammer Arson Low Flare Solid Bowling Ball

  • Hammer Arson Low Flare Solid Bowling Ball

Hammer Arson Low Flare Solid Bowling Ball


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"Hammer newest introduction the Arson Low Flare Solid gives Hammer users a stronger version of the original Arson Low Flare

Arson Low Flare Solid uses the same low differential core from the Arson Low Flare and it wrapped with a Max Control Solid coverstock

Finished off with a 500grit abralon and then powerhouse clean Nsheen finishing compound the Arson Low Flare is best suited on medium to lighter oil. Arson Low Flare Solid will excel on shorter tournament lane patterns. Arson Low Flare Solid is builtwith Hammers Patent pending carbon fiber outer core technology making this one the toughest yet."

~ Spencer Shumway – BowlersMart Sanford


The Arson Low Flare Solid is a stronger overall version of the original Arson Low Flare. The solid will work great on short patterns, but allows for more use on medium length patterns and is capable of handling more oil than the original Low Flare. The Max Control Solid cover is finished with an aggressive 500 Abralon® and Powerhouse Clean N’ Sheen finish to create a grittier cover for a predictable motion throughout the body of the lane while maintaining great motion and hitting power through the pins. A big difference from the original Low Flare to the new Solid version is the Flex Resin, Carbon Fiber outer core and 3 year warranty. The addition of these components to the core gives this ball the extra hitting power at impact that Hammer fans love.


Coverstock: Max-Control Solid
Weight Block: Modified Arson
Factory Finish: 500 AbralonⓇ Polished w/ Powerhouse Clean n' Sheen
Flare Potential: Low
Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.48
Differential (Diff): .020 


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