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Motiv Rebel Tank Bowling Ball


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"Great control when you need it, great for straighter angles on challenging conditions." - Will Schnack - BowlersMart Cherry Valley

The Rebel Tank™ is a urethane ball built to provide a powerful impact on light oil conditions where high friction can destroy ball reaction. Featuring the Halogen core, the Rebel Tank retains energy to maximize continuation through the pins. This is achieved through both a high RG and moderate differential. The high RG provides more length and the moderate differential tames track flare.

The Rebel Tank™ also utilizes DMX Pearl Urethane cover stock technology. This was first used on the Arctic Sniper spare ball because it is produces very little friction. This cover is tuned at the factory with a 4000 Grit LSS finish. Competitive bowlers building a broad arsenal will not want to be without the Rebel Tank.

-Coverstock:DMX Pearl Urethane

-Core:Halogen™ -Factory Finish:4000 Grit LSS

-Recommended Lane Condition:Dry / Medium




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