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Motiv Venom Panic Bowling Ball

  • Motiv Venom Cobra Bowling Ball
  • Motiv Venom Cobra Bowling Ball
  • Motiv Venom Cobra Bowling Ball
  • Motiv Venom Cobra Bowling Ball

Motiv Venom Cobra Bowling Ball


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The Venom Cobra is sure to become one of MOTIV’s best-selling balls because it has everything going for it - spectacular performance, a very attractive price point, and incredible shelf appeal!  It is a very alluring piece of equipment.

The performance package of the Venom Cobra features a new core and cover combination that is absolutely devastating.  Created for light to medium oil, it provides more length than the Venom Shock and a faster response to friction.  It strikes with impressive power and continuation.

The new Sabotage™ Hybrid Reactive cover stock features unique chemistry unlike any previous MOTIV release.  Tuned with a 5500 Grit LSP finish, the Venom Cobra is clean through the front part of the lane, retaining energy so it can unleash when it encounters friction at the backend.

The heart of the Venom Cobra is the new Top Gear™ dual-density weight block.  While the RG and differential are similar to the original Gear™ core, the dual-density configuration amplifies other variables of ball motion that, while not easily measured, are clearly demonstrated on the lanes.

Performance: Light-Medium Oil
Inner Core: Top Gear™
Cover: Sabotage™ Hybrid Reactive
Finish: 5500 Grit LSP
15# RG: 2.47; Diff: .035
Cover Color:  Black/Bronze Pearl
NeoMark™ Color:  Gold Prl/Silver Prl



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