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  • Radical The Fix Bowling Ball

Radical The Fix Bowling Ball


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"Pretty unique offering here form Radical, a ball that will allow you tons of drilling options and shapes for many different styles." ~ Jim Nemeth - BowlersMart Tampa

The Fix, featuring a breakthrough technology with the shape shifter core. The shape shifter core offers unique options allowing the Fix to be a symmetrical or asymmeterical ball. Simply select the drill pattern for the core type you want. Sometimes a low rev player can use a little help, this style will have no problem splitting racks with the asymmetrical drillings offered with the shape shifter core.

A tweener can use it also to open up the lane like a power player but also can use symmetrical layout to stay a bit straighter through the front but still get a nice angular reaction. With a high rev rate a higher rev rate can use the asymmetrical to increase angle on heavier oil. They can also drill it symmetrical for a sooner and smoother yet somewhat angular reaction without the fear of over reaction. Gives a higher rev rate guy the control of symmetrical with the power of an asymmetrical ball. .

Weight Block: Shape Shifter

Factory Finish: 500 / 1500 Siaair

Flare Potential: High

Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.511

Differential (Diff): .054

Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): Varies


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