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Radical Rack Attack Pearl Bowling Ball


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"Radical’s new Rack Attack series gives the Radical users a low differential symmetric core option to round out their arsenal.  Rack Attack Cherry Pearl is the drier lane option to the Rack Attack Grape Solid.  The Cherry Pearl uses the same .024 low differential core system, but incorporates a 500 Siaair finish, with Royal Compound and Royal Shine applied to the surface.  Along with a pearlized reactive shell, Rack Attack Cherry Pearl is designed to get deep in to the lane before turning over in the backend.  With it’s polished finish and weaker core system, the Rack Attack Cherry Pearl is best suited for medium to lighter oil lane patterns.” 

~ Jim Nemeth - BowlersMart Tampa

 Radical Bowling Technologies Rack Attack Cherry Pearl uses a pearl cover and an industry staple, the lightbulb core. This ball gives great length and control on all patterns. 

Radical Rack Attack Cherry Pearl Ball Specs:

- Core:  Symmetric 
- Factory Finish:  500 Siaair w/ Royal Compound/Royal Shine
- Length:  Long 
- Breakpoint Shape:  Medium 
- Differential:  .024 
- RG:  2.542 


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