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Enigma Black Pink Gold

  • Enigma Black Pink Gold

Columbia 300 Enigma Black Pink Gold Rare Bowling Ball


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Columbia Enigma Bowling Ball

Total Friction Technology PRO

Total Friction Technology is a new cover system designed specifically for the Columbia 300 Enigma. TFT is one of the strongest covers ever used on a Columbia 300 ball, which creates a big hooking motion and combats even the heaviest of oil. With the Black Pink Gold we added a small amount of pearl to the cover to make it cleaner and more angular down lane.

Encounter Core

The Encounter core is the same dynamic core found in the Dark Encounter and Wicked Encounter. Bowlers have come to love the Encounter core for the performance it provides through strong and versatile performance characteristics.

Lane Condition: Heavy Oil

Coverstock: Total Friction Technology PRO (TFT PRO)

Weight Block: Encounter Core

Ball Finish: 1500 Abranet® Soft

Ball Color: Black Gold Pink

R.G. / Diff.: #14 - 2.52 / .050 #15 - 2.50 / .052 #16 - 2.51 / .047

Mass Bias Strength: #15 - 0.013