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  • Roto Grip Bullseye Bowling Ball

Roto Grip Bullseye Bowling Ball


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"Awesome spare ball, the urethane is a little more durable than plastic. Great for dry lanes and spares." ~ Anthony Caso - BowlersMart Merritt Island Store Manager


This straight shooting spare ball is designed to help you clear the deck. Built with a traditional three-piece core and new Primo™ Pearl Urethane Coverstock, the Bullseye™ stays on target and powers through the job with just one intention—to leave no pins standing.

CORE: TRADITIONAL THREE-PIECE... Traditional three-piece core for consistent and predictable spare shooting. COVER: PRIMO PEARL URETHANE... The Primo Pearl Urethane coverstock provides control and durability for years of reliable performance.

CONDITION: SPARES... No matter the condition, trust the Bullseye™ to help both your spare game and your scores.

Coverstock: Trusty Pearl Urethane

Weight Block: 3 Piece

Factory Finish: 3500-grit polished

Flare Potential: High

Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.69

Differential (Diff): .006


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