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Roto Grip Hustle Purple Raspberry Orange Bowling Ball


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BREAK THE MOLD... When we’re expected to perform, trust us — we don’t hold back. Our dynamic Hustle™ Core drives the motion and keeps the control, but with both the Psyched™ and Stoked™ Hybrid Reactive Coverstocks to choose from, you determine your breakpoint. Make your choice and let’s get started. CHALK IT UP TO

CORE CONFIDENCE... Enhanced by a brand new Hustle™ Core that’s the lowest RG value in the HP1 line, we’re poised to deliver earlier, more stable motion. GOTTA

LOVE A CHOICE OF FINISH... With a choice of two new hybrid covers, we’ll make sure you have the reaction that’s right for your game. The Psyched™ Hybrid Reactive Coverstock provides more length with a controlled backend, while the Stoked™ Hybrid Reactive Coverstock has a smoother, more controlled break through the pins. And don’t worry if you need to customize our performance, both 1500-grit factory polished finishes can be adjusted to fit your style. DOUBLE TROUBLE... Spirited and determined yes, but here’s the big one—we’re adaptable. We’re designed to be nimble, versatile and reactionary, so all that’s left is to just choose your cover and unleash either of us on any lighter oil condition. We’ll be happy to take it from there.

- Core: Hustle

- Coverstock: Stoked Hybrid

- Finish: 1500-grit Polished

- RG: 2.53

- Diff: 0.030


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