Roto Grip redefines the game of bowling with bowling balls and innovative equipment that puts bowlers in a position to dominate.

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The Roto Grip Hustle Ink is my favorite of the Hustle series. Im a big fan of solid covers and unlike the previous Hustles released the Hustle Ink is the strongest Hustle ever. The Hustle Ink is pretty clean through the front part of the lane and has a smooth strong backend It reminds me a lot of a little bit weaker IQ Tour Solid. It definitely is weaker than the IQ Tour Solid, but it the overall reaction and versatility is very similar. The Hustle Ink is a surprising great ball for the price point. It will definitely have a spot in my bag for a long time!

Kevin Williams

After drilling the Winner pearl and loving the angular back end motion decided to try the solid. It did not disappoint. The Winner solid reads the mid lane very nice and clean and makes a nice angular motion in the back end. Great ball to start with on a house shot something predictable and easy to transition with .

Gil J