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With nearly 25 years of experience manufacturing high performance balls, Storm is the bowlers company. In fact, no company today has been making reactive bowling balls longer than Storm. And throughout the years, we’ve learned a lot. We have come to know what you are looking for since we are bowlers, too, just like you. But know that we are continuously striving to develop new products which will help you roll more strikes and have more fun! 

With that in mind, we’re proud to introduce the new Sky Rocket™. Another fine addition to the Thunder™ line, the same line which already features the famed Hy-Road™, the Sky Rocket is sure to help you open up the backends. And backend hook leads to more entry angle, a critical factory to increasing your strike percentage. Think Jason Belmonte. 

And while proven technology is featured on the R2S™ pearl shell, the Sky Rocket’s Booster™ Core is both innovative and dynamic in design. It is true that Storm’s Thunder line rivals the performance of others’ premium options, and this might be why Storm continues to dominate the competitive bowling scene. But just know that each and every Storm ball is built with performance in mind, and not only for the bowlers who makes their living on the lanes but also for you. 

The sky is your limit with Storm. 

Coverstock: R2S Pearl Reactive 
Core: Booster for 14-16
Finish: 1500-grit Polished 
Fragrance: Sangria 
Recommended Oil Conditions: Medium Oil


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