Introducing the Striking Rewards Loyalty Program from BowlersMart

The Striking Rewards program awards customers with loyalty points, which can be redeemed for coupons that can be used towards future purchases. The program is only available to customers who have an account at

What are Striking Rewards Points?

Striking Rewards Points are the same as rewards or coupons. The more points you collect through the activities below, the more Striking Rewards Points you will earn! Earn more points to progress through the different levels! The higher the tier, the more points and rewards you can earn!

$5 Reward

150 Points

$10 Reward

300 Points

$20 Reward

575 Points


It’s easy to earn Striking Rewards Points! The rewards are automatically added to your account when you are signed in to ‘My Account/Rewards’. You can receive points that add up to Striking Rewards the following ways:

  • Making a purchase: Receive 1 point for every $1 spent at (depending on which tier you are in; Tier 1: 1 points, Tier 2: 1.25 points, Tier 3: 1.5 points per $1)
  • Create an account: Receive 50 points when you create an account at
  • Share on Social Media: Receive 50 points when you share us on any of these three social platforms. Sign into ‘My Account/Rewards’ and go to ‘Rewards’ using the links on the left. Navigate to the ‘Earn Points’ area and click on the ‘Share on Facebook’, ‘Share on Instagram’ tiles. Follow sharing instructions. You will be awarded points immediately after a friend clicks on the shared link. Limit 1 share per week.
  • Birthday bonus: Receive 125 points on your birthday. To activate your birthday points, sign into ‘My Account/Rewards’ and go to ‘Rewards’ using the links on the left. Navigate to the ‘Earn Points’ area. Click on the ‘Birthday Bonus’ tile and enter your birth month/day. Your birthday information must be entered no later than 7 days before your birthday.
  • Refer a friend: Receive 300 points when any of your friends click on your referral link and make their first purchase on our Sign into ‘My Account/Rewards’ and go to ‘Rewards’ using the links on the left. Navigate to the ‘Earn Points’ area and click on the ‘Refer a Friend’ tile. In this section, you can refer a friend by sending an email, sharing on Facebook and Twitter, or generating your own unique link to share. To earn 300 points ($10 off), the friend must click through the link you shared, and make a purchase. The friend will receive a 10% off promotion code that is only awarded if the referred friend has not purchased with in the past. Please note, it may take up to 10 business days for Striking Rewards earned by referring a friend to process and update in your account.

*Striking Rewards earned by making a purchase remain in ‘pending’ status for 14 days after the purchase to allow for returns and/or exchanges.


Once you have received at least 150 points you can start redeeming your Striking Rewards (rewards/coupons):

  • Striking Rewards come in the following amounts: $5 (150 points), $10 (300 points), $20 (525 points). Additional rewards can be added at any time!

To access Striking Rewards, sign in or create an account. From the ‘My Account/Rewards’ section, navigate to ‘Rewards’ using the tabs on the left. In this section, you can select tabs to review your activity, learn how to earn points, and redeem Striking Rewards.


To redeem your STRIKING REWARDS, sign in to your account. From the ‘My Account/Rewards’ section, navigate to ‘Rewards’ using the tabs on the left. In this section, select the ‘MY REWARDS’ tab to browse available rewards for redemption.


No, customers will earn points only from the time they are enrolled and after our Striking Rewards launch date of May 16th, 2022. Purchases made before enrollment and before the date of May 16th, 2022 will not earn any points.


Customers checking out as a guest will not earn points for their purchases. You will only earn Striking Rewards points if you are enrolled in the Striking Rewards program and are logged into your account on at the time of making the purchase.

If you have any questions about Striking Rewards points, please reach out to our Customer Excellence team here.


You will not see Striking Rewards if you checked out as a guest and did not create an account.

If you have questions, please contact customer service. Our Customer Service team is available to assist with the Striking Rewards Program Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm Eastern Standard Time.


Striking Rewards will expire after 12 months of inactivity. You must make a purchase or successfully refer a friend every 12 months to keep your Striking Rewards account active. To successfully refer a friend, he or she must click through the link you shared and make a purchase.

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