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Track MX10 Bowling Ball

  • Track LX10 Bowling Ball

Track LX10 Bowling Ball


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"If you want a great versatile ball this is it. Reads the midlane strong and has a nice punch on the backend.'”
~ Mike Dole  – BowlersMart Don Carter's - Rockford IL 

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For the Lx10, we wanted to create a ball that offered strong traction and continuous and smooth backend motion for lower rev players. In order to achieve the targeted ball motion, we’ve combined a brand new QR-6 Solid cover with the proven Face core.


We’ve used our Face core, which was previously used in our high performance line. This core allows the Lx10 to read the mid-lane aggressive enough to get the job done for players with less revolutions, while maintaining sufficient energy for the breakpoint.


Lower rev players need quicker responding covers in order to get their balls to read the lane. QR-6 which stands for quick response is a solid cover for optimum traction for those who need it most.


The Lx10 is finished with 500/3000 Abralon® and offers moderate traction in order to complement the aggressive core and cover combination. This finish allows the Lx10 to perform extremely well on medium to heavy oil conditions and takes well to surface adjustments to fine tune ball reaction.


The aggressive solid cover along with a dynamic high asymmetric core makes this ball the perfect choice for lower rev players who need great ball reaction and just the right amount of total hook on medium to heavier oil patterns.

- Coverstock: QR-6 Solid 
Core: Face - Asymmetrical 
Factory Finish: 500/3000 grit Abralon 
RG: 2.50
Differential: .049