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Track Tour SIC Bowling Ball

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Track Tour SIC Bowling Ball


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"A lot of ball for the money, I was surprised how clean it was and how much angle it creates with the 500/3000 finish. ”
~ Jeff Ussery

Track is excited to announce a new addition to our line up, the Tour SiC. 

The previously released LX16 and MX16 balls have received great reviews surrounding the advanced technology of the i-Core. The i-Core gives drillers the ability to finely tune ball reaction better than ever due to the unique multi-density core piece. The SiC in Tour SiC stands for Symmetric i-Core, a revolutionary part in itself.

The i-Core shape remains a dynamic dual density core; the densities have been modified in order to create the most unique numbers ever seen in a performance ball, especially with this hook potential and usability.The new densities raised the RG value to a staggering 2.59 with a Differential of 0.032, absolutely the most distinctive numbers ever seen out of a performance ball. 

Core numbers don’t mean anything if the cover doesn’t match up perfectly, which is why the Tour SiC went through rigorous testing of multiple cover and surface variations before it was confidently proclaimed that MR-6 Solid is the perfect coverstock to complement the symmetric i-Core. Even with a smooth, dull texture, the Tour SiC provides exceptional length and brilliant backend reaction.

Track has provided the bowling world yet again with revolutionary technology which leads to ball reaction not seen before. The Tour SiC is a reaction that had ball testers and observers shaking their heads, especially when the never seen before core numbers were revealed. 

Weight RG Differential
12# 2.60 0.039
13# 2.53 0.055
14# 2.60 0.038
15# 2.59 0.032
16# 2.59 0.027
Color Dark Blue
Core i-Core Symmetric
Core Type Symmetric
Intermediate Diff. 0.000
Veneer MR-6 Solid
Surface 500/3000 Abralon®
Lane Conditions Medium