How to Identify Bowling Pin Formations?

learn the basics of bowling pin formation

When you are bowling in a tournament or league, it is important to know how to identify the bowling pin formations. To start, knowing the bowling pins layout or how bowling pins set up will help you determine the pin numbers in bowling. How many bowling pins are there in bowling? 10 bowling pins are set up to form an equilateral triangle to form a bowling pin deck. Refer more on pin deck spots down below.

pop quiz! can you identify the bowling pin formations below?

Bowlers, now recall the iconic movie KingPin when Roy Munson competes with Big Earn McCrackin for the infamous showdown one-on-one tournament at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, NV. Although, Munson leaving the 3-6-10 while in the championship match against Big Earn McCrackin is not ideal, it would have served him better to understand where the pins were aligned so he could make his spare. As for Big Earn McCrackin getting up and leaving the 1-2-4, it’s a swing and miss for him as well! Practice makes perfect. The more you practice bowling pin formations, the better you will become to quickly identify bowling pins numbers.

bowling pin formation infographic

Use the bowling pin formation infographic below to quickly identify the rows the bowling pins are aligned in, and what boards the bowling pins are set up on. Remember, all bowling pins are set up 12 inches apart from each other.

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