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900 Global Boost Pearl Bowling Ball

  • 900 Global Drift Bowling Ball

900 Global Drift Bowling Ball


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"The Drift is a new motion in the Tour series” ~ Andrew Adler - BowlersMart

900 Global has completed the tour preferred series with a new symmetric polished option. Introducing the Drift. Drift will be 900 Global’s answer for medium to drier lanes, when you want to control the down lane motion. Drift starts out with a Hula symmetric core system, designed with medium rg and high differential properties. The core shape extends the length in the ball, with a taller and narrower design.

Combined with a polished version of the S62 reactive Coverstock, Drift is clean through the front of the lane on all but the driest of lane conditions. This 1500 grit polished ball matches up best on medium to medium dry conditions for most styles. This sharp looking black and purple hybrid cover creates smooth transition and predictable breakpoints.

Coverstock: S62 Hybrid

Core: Hula Symmetric

Factory Finish: 1500 Polish

Flare Potential: 5-6"

RG 2.54

Diff .054


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