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Brunswick LT-48 Bowling Ball

  • Brunswick LT-48 Bowling Ball

Brunswick Vintage LT-48 Bowling Ball


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"The LT48 is a great controllable ball. I use it for a benchmark type ball in my arsenal to let me know if I need stronger or weaker.'” ~ Joey Zibrin – BowlersMart Sanford

COVERSTOCK The new 3C reactive coverstock describes our special low friction coverstock formulation. The 3C reactive coverstock produces enhanced control, consistency and carry on a variety of lane conditions. This new cover will benefit slower ball speed and higher rev rate bowling styles on medium to light oil lane patterns.

CORE The new LT-48 Medium RG Symmetrical core features an old school looking tall and smooth cylinder design. The new high volume core shape produces added length and improved versatility.

BALL MOTION With its Royal Shine Finish, the Vintage LT–48 skids naturally through the front, storing axis rotation for the backend to provide greater entry angle to the pocket and outstanding pin action.

Coverstock: 3C Solid Reactive

Weight Block: LT - 48 Medium RG symmetrical

Factory Finish: 500 Siaair Micro Pad; Royal Compound; Royal Shine

Flare Potential: Medium

Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.565

Differential (Diff): .038


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