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  • Roto Grip Dare Devil Bowling Ball

Roto Grip Dare Devil Bowling Ball


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"Dare Devil is going to be a complete new motion, with this new core and cover combo expect a real strong and versatile ball good for a lot of conditions." ~ Mike Leviner - Manager BowlersMart Charlotte 10 Park Lanes

TAKE THE NEXT STEP... Sometimes you gotta leap before you look. Trust your preparation and gear. Believe in yourself. That’s how I roll. With my downlane focused Madcap™ core and ultra-responsive Amped™ pearl coverstock, success is guaranteed, but that doesn’t mean I can’t put on a good show. Build a little suspense. Keep ‘em guessing til the very last second.

I’M FLIPPING OUT! My all-new Madcap™ core pushes the limits of motion in becoming the lowest RG symmetrical core ever offered in the HP3 line.

SMOOTH OPERATOR... Built for insane downlane action, my all-new Amped™ coverstock tees off on friction for incredible response and entry angle.

EXTREME PERFORMANCE IN MEDIUM CONDITIONS... My fearless nature dominates medium oil conditions with flair and poise, waiting until the last moment to reveal the grand finale.

Coverstock: Amped

Weight Block: Madcap

Factory Finish: 1500-grit polished

Flare Potential: High

Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.48

Differential (Diff): .041


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