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The Prodigy‟s pearl R2X material included enhanced traction mica (ETM) and a 4000-grit Abralon® texture to help control the midlane with reading as early as the 2000-grit solid Marvel. So, taking the ETM out of shell and reducing the surface roughness with a 1500-grit polish, created more of a skid-flip reaction that bowlers love. Throw the Marvel Pearl out to the dry and watch it marvelously recover every time! Remember that it‟s the weight block/core that determines the roll pattern due to its migration path, and the Centripetal™ core‟s unique shape will power this new Marvel Pearl as well. The beauty of this shape is that it‟s easy to drill and produces a very predictable motion that really packs a punch. In conclusion, Storm® continues to develop innovative technology combined with fine workmanship. That‟s why we are “The Bowler‟s Company.”

Color: Silver/Deep Purple/Maroon

Coverstock: R2X™ Pearl Reactive

Weight Block: Centripetal™ Core

Factory Finish: 1500 Grit Polish

Flare Potential: 5"6" (Med-High)

Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.48

Differential (Diff): 0.050

Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): n/a

Fragrance: Aromatherapy - Score