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  • Storm Street Flight Bowling Ball

Storm Street Fight Bowling Ball


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Built to Perform at Every Level:

With 25 years of manufacturing and R&D experience, Storm has been a growing and thriving company dedicated to serving bowlers across the globe. In fact, the Storm name still continues to grow throughout the world today.

Higher energy transfer through the pins via an increased coefficient of restitution is what you can expect from a ball with a weight block such as the Iron Cross. We have pushed the limits of weight block technology in the Street Fight, so evolving the coverstock technology was vital as well. R4S Pearl Reactive has never been seen on any other ball in the market.

  • Coverstock: R4S™ Pearl Reactive
  • Core: Iron Cross™
  • Finish: 3000 grit sheen
  • Fragrance: Blackberry
  • Recommended Oil Conditions: Medium Oil
  • RG: 2.62
  • Differential: .043

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