Get to Know Chris Schneider BowlersMart Titusville

Today, we will be getting to know BowlersMart Titusville’s own, Chris Schneider. Chris is a UCF student, a former collegiate bowling standout, and an excellent pro shop technician.

Birthplace: Bronx, NY

What age did you start bowling: Four years old

Who or what got you into bowling: My father and my uncle, Billy

Biggest bowling mentor/coach: John Gaines has definitely helped me a ton over the last few years. Before that, I learned what I could from my dad.

High Game: 296 . . .

High Series: 844

How many 300s: 0

How old were you when you bowled your first 300?

Uhhh . . . this is getting awkward.

What Ball: The TBD (to be determined lol)

How old were you when you bowled your first 800:


What Ball: Roto Grip Rumble

Collegiate experience: 3 years at UCF. I was president of the club my last year.

Degree: Currently working on a Bachelors in Hospitality Management.

Favorite balls of all-time:
Storm IQ Tour Fusion
Ebonite Gamebreaker 2
Storm Virtual Energy

Best bowling related memory: There are a few, I think one that’s always going to stick out for me was at the collegiate tournament our club was hosting in Oviedo. We made it to the match play portion of the tournament going against Webber International, I was anchor and needed to mark and strike to win by 1. Aced the first shot, stone 9 pin, pick up the spare, no big deal. Second shot, need to strike, don’t think I could have thrown it any better, boned an 8 pin to tie. Del Warren came up to me afterwards and told me he couldn’t believe what he saw. My teammates won’t let me live it down to this day.

Biggest accomplishment in bowling to date:

I would say, either becoming a Florida State champion for team in 2014 or just being in the pro shop watching the youth kids that I drill for gaining success on the lanes. It’s an awesome feeling.

Future goals in bowling:

I would like to win a PBA Regional title one day
Shooting 300 would be a nice bonus as well
I also would like to make the match play bracket at the USBC Masters one year, as well.

Pro shop experience:

I was an apprentice at BowlersMart Orlando for 3 years before I was able to become a Store Manager here in Titusville. I’m coming up on a full year here at the shop next week.

Hobbies and interests outside of bowling:

As far as hobbies go, I’m a collector of sorts. I collect coins, Die-Cast replicas, watches, I have a collection of hats (fitted and snap backs). I enjoy traveling around the country, seeing new things and learning the history about the places I visit. I’ve also taken interest in cooking as of late, it’s fun and I can get creative.

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