BREAKING: 900 GLOBAL Production Moving to Storm Bowling Facility in Utah

900 Global to Move Operations to Storm Bowling facility in utah

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the executive orders of the Governor of the State of Texas, Global Manufacturing, the makers of 900 Global bowling balls, has ceased production. The production of 900 Global bowling balls will move from the San Antonio, Texas facility to Storm Products, Inc. in Brigham City, Utah, effective immediately.

Executive Vice-President Wes Pye stated, “Our decision was based on the market conditions affecting everyone worldwide. The Bowling industry is very resilient and will come back strong, but it will take time. We also want to thank all of the past and present team members of Global Manufacturing for their great work and efforts building 900 Global.”

Pye added, “The team assigned to the Design, Research and the Development of 900 Global bowling balls along with Sales and Marketing will remain in San Antonio.”

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Global Manufacturing LLC is the home of 900 Global Bowling Balls, Bags, Accessories and 3G Bowling Shoes. For more information, please go to: and

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BILL CHRISMAN – Chief Executive Officer

High Score Products was originally founded in 1985 by Bill Chrisman, to market a new product he had developed. Mr. Chrisman had noticed urethane bowling balls (a relatively new innovation in ball design) were porous and tended to soak the oil from the bowling lanes. The new product was marketed as U Clean / U Score Urethane Bowling Ball Cleaner™.

High Score Products remained a one product company until 1991, when availability of capital and time coincided with the opportunity to manufacture bowling balls. Mr. Chrisman’s experience in other industries and his long term involvement with bowling led him to believe that small quantity OEM private label manufacturing was a viable market being completely ignored by large manufactures. In the spring of 1991, Mr. Chrisman hired Keith Orton, a pioneer in manufacturing high performance urethane bowling balls, to set up a facility to manufacture bowling balls for High Score Products.

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3 thoughts on “BREAKING: 900 GLOBAL Production Moving to Storm Bowling Facility in Utah

  1. Franklin George Jr says:

    Will the Global 900 line still be available. I like the Global 900 after dark pearl that I recently purchased.
    Also will the warranty for that ball still be valid?

  2. Roto Grip Rick says:

    Global 900 is owned by the SPI also. Just ran as a separate company. SPI had balls made in Texas like the Hustle line, Match Up line and urethane balls…

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