The Top 5 International Storm Bowling Balls From 2020 You May Have Never Heard Of

Some 2020 International Storm Bowling Ball Releases

Storm has been the industry leader in high performance bowling balls for over a decade and make some awesome performing and great looking bowling balls for us domestically. We however wanted to take a look at some of the eyecandy going overseas and get your opinions on which ones you think are winners, and what would you like to put in your dream bag.

#1 - Storm IQ Tour Sapphire Bowling Ball

Storm IQ Tour Sapphire Bowling Ball

The IQ line has been one of Storm’s most iconic lines of bowling balls.This one looks amazing! The R2S Pearl cover on this IQ is one of Storm’s best coverstocks that all fans love and the Centriptal core has rolled great in just about every bowling ball it has been in. Plus the beautiful colors on this IQ makes it one almost every Storm fan would love to have in their hands!

Core: C3 Centripetal Control Core

Coverstock: R2S Pearl Reactive

RG: 2.49

DIFF: 029


Finish: 1500 Abralon

#2 - Storm Phaze Zero bowling ball

Storm Phaze Zero Bowling Ball

The Phaze line got off to a slow start with the original Phaze, but when the Phaze 2 dropped it quickly became a staple in everyone’s bowling bags. Storm introduced this Phaze Zero earlier this year in Asia and it was a huge success. The GI-17 cover and the Velocity core used in the other Phazes gave this ball a similar motion to the Phaze 2 but the GI-17 cover is a touch stronger than the TX-16 Solid from the Phaze 2. This Phaze is sure to make anyone who loves their Phazes drool…

Core: Velocity Core

Coverstock: GI-17 Reactive

RG: 2.48

DIFF: 051

Finish: 3000 Abralon


#3 - Storm Hyroad Purple bowling ball

Storm Hyroad Purple Bowling Ball

Wow, what elese can you say about the Hyroad line of balls? This line has been around for over a decade and the lineage of the ball goes back even further. . Storm introduced this ball to the Asian market earlier this year to rave reviews, and why would it not be a sure fire success. R2S Hybrid cover and the famed Fe2 technology core. This ball also leaves all of us here praying it makes an appearance stateside. 

Core: Inverted Fe2 Technology Core

Coverstock: R2S Hybrid Reactive

RG: 2.57

DIFF: 046


Finish: 1500 Abralon


#4 - Storm Hyroad Rush bowling ball

Storm Hyroad Rush Bowling Ball

In at number 4, and really a 3A, 3B tie with the Hyroad Purple we have the Hyroad Rush. Storm introduced this ball to the Asian market earlier this year as well, it is similar to the Hyroad Purple but the Rush uses the R3X Pearl cover. 

Core: Inverted Fe2 Core

Coverstock: R3X Pearl Reactive

RG: 2.57

DIFF: 046

Finish: 1500 Abralon


#5 - Storm Top Gate bowling ball

Storm Top Gate Bowling Ball

#5 is the Storm Top Gate, this is a name plate we do not have stateside but has the interesting combo of the Ignition core and the GI-18 Solid cover. We really liked the motion in the video and the core / cover combo used. Maybe we will see something similar in the future? 

Core: Ignition Core

Coverstock: GI-18 Solid Reactive

RG: 2.49

DIFF: 052

MB: .019

Finish: 3000 Abralon


So what do you think of this list, would you grab one, would you guys multiple and if so what layouts would you choose? Drop me a comment let me know let’s continue the conversation! More updates are coming and thanks for watching!

Storm Bowling Releases


3 thoughts on “The Top 5 International Storm Bowling Balls From 2020 You May Have Never Heard Of

  1. Rich R says:

    Actually had the Gate in an earlier pearl version about 3 yrs ago great ball. Would love to get the Top Gate if it became available.

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