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  • Ebonite Adrenaline Overload Bowling Ball

Ebonite Adrenaline Overload Bowling Ball


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"Nice downlane motion and control.” ~ Taylor Kyle (TK) – BowlersMart Durham

With the Adrenaline Shot being very aggressive in the front half of the lane, we were looking to create more motion in the back half of the lane while maintaining the same overall hook potential. By tweaking the surface and going with our GB 12.0 Pearl cover, we were able to create exactly what we were looking for in the Adrenaline Overload. Our brand new GB 12.0 Pearl cover is based on the original chemistry of the proven GB 10.7. Compared to its hybrid counterpart, this version of our GB 12.0 creates less friction in the mid-lane with more being created at the back end. The aggressive 3000 Abralon finish matches up perfectly with medium to heavy oil patterns.

Coverstock: GB 12.0 Pearl

Core: Adrenaline

Finish: 3000 AbralonTM

Reaction: Strong Backend

Weights: 12-16


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