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BowlersMart.com has a large selection of archived discontinued Ebonite bowling balls. From the One, Gamebreakers and many more we have all of the data from these older bowling balls.

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Ebonite - Who we are

Since 1905, people are what have made the difference in our company. By investing in and leveraging our people and resources, focusing on those strategies and values that are most critical, we will secure the company’s long-term success.

Our high-performance team will always create the highest performing products.  Ultimately, it means that Ebonite International will continue to grow, while remaining great stewards to the community and the bowling industry Ebonite International consists of six separate, distinct consumer brands. Each has its own identity, its own product attributes, and its own marketing approach. Can a company market more than one brand of bowling products? Absolutely! 

Currently, our consumer product brand portfolio consists of Columbia 300, Ebonite, Hammer, Powerhouse, Robby’s and Track. With millions of bowlers in the world, there are individual needs, styles, brand preferences and tastes to be met. The key is to understand those bowlers better than anyone in the industry and to exceed all of their expectations. Having more than one brand allows us to do just that, and every product can still be our best.