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  • Ebonite Warrior Supreme Bowling Ball

Ebonite Warrior Supreme Bowling Ball


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"More traction in heavier volumes, great for the fresh.” ~ Taylor Kyle (TK) – BowlersMart Durham

Ebonite Warrior Supreme — The final battle has begun and only one can be crowned supreme. The newest addition to the Ebonite high performance line offers the most mid lane traction of any ball in the Ebonite line up. Get ready to claim the throne with Ebonite’s new Warrior Supreme. Warrior Supreme is Ebonite’s most aggressive ball in their lineup, and gives users the most mid-lane traction of any ball in the Ebonite line. The high mass bias, high differential Iron Fist core gives users over 5” of track flare potential.

Combined with a 3000 grit GB 13.3 solid reactive cover, Warrior Supreme cuts through the heaviest oil conditions to give users hook on nearly any lane pattern. This completes the Ebonite high-performance lineup with options for heavy, medium, and lighter oil conditions. Bowlers can start with the Warrior Supreme on fresh conditions, transition to the Warrior Elite for blended situations, and finally go to the original Warrior when the front of the lane begins to hook

Coverstock: GB 13.3 Solid

Core: Iron Fist Finish: 500 / 3000 AbralonTM

Reaction: Strong Midlane and Backend Hook

Weights: 12-16

RG: 2.47

Differential: 0.057

Intermediate Mass Bais: 0.020


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