900 Global manufactures performance bowling balls in San Antonio, Texas. Designed to make bowlers of all skill levels better by providing a comprehensive line of products built for a particular bowler’s style and condition being bowled on.

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Drilling pattern: 40 x 5.5 x 55 
Pin placement: Above middle finger 

If angle on the backend is what you are looking for, the White Hot Badger is the answer. This is the most angular ball to date w/in any of the 900 Global lines. This ball gets through the fronts easier than its predecessors and reacts incredibly strong off the spot exp

loding the 1-3. Fantastic ball when the lanes call for opening up your angles and playing the lanes left to right. 

Brent Ritchie 
900 Global Regional Staff 

Brent R
900 Global Honey Badger
60x5x40 this ball is unbelievable first ball out of bag everywhere I go and it is a first skid/flip ball I have had in a long time. It is super clean through the fronts and mids with a strong flip at the backend and very continuous through the pins destroys anything in its path.
Kris M

Jeff M

enjoyed your fair prices and good service

Chris S

I have purchase several items and all have been exactly as shown and described. highly recommend this site to several friends and will continue to purchase and recommend.

Carl F

came to this website on recommendations from Rob (Hammer) from Lakeland, FL. He has been a HUGE help with my bowling balls. I have had him re drill six bowling balls and have 4 more to send down.