Springfield 12-Year-Old boy bowls 2 Perfect Games

Great story we came across on Facebook courtesy of Hugh Keeton Reporting from the OzarksSportsZone.com

At the age of 12 Trey Brand has already done what most can’t do in a lifetime, bowl a perfect 300 game.

“I just like throwing the ball around and see how many pins I can hit”, said Brand.

He’s hit all of the pins lined up in front of him in a game not once but twice.
The second time he bowled a 300 was in a sanctioned league and his dad was just a little more excited about it.

“It was a father’s dream”, said Richard Brand (Trey’s Dad).

But only three years ago Richard and Patricia Brand couldn’t have imagined their son excelling at anything like he has with bowling.

He wouldn’t leave the house, if we had to go to the store it was go to the store, go back to the house and count down every minute to get back to his safe house”, said Patricia Brand (Trey’s Mom).

Trey has autism and he had trouble dealing with social settings until his Dad asked him the question that would change his life.

“Do you want to try bowling alley and I said yes”, explained Trey.

“We drove by the bowling alley and we came in here and it was the best decision of our life, it’s pretty much saved Trey”, said Patricia Brand.

Trey’s Dad said his doctors have a theory of why he’s done so well with bowling.

“She thinks he’s more like a savant in bowling. He watches he imitates and he does”, said Richard Brand.  “She does relate that to the autism part. He’s able to keep it focused, keep what he’s doing and he does a lot by imitation.”

The bowler he imitates the most, the PBA’s top ranked Jason Belmonte who Trey credits for changing his bowling style.

“I saw one bowler Jason Belmonte and it looked fun”, said Trey.

“He asked Dad can I try 2 handed, I was like sure”, said Richard Brand.  “We had watched Jason Belmonte all the time so he threw it and I was like that looked really good Trey and he hasn’t stopped since.”

Although he’s only 12 Trey has an ultimate goal in mind.

“Be the best in the world hopefully one of these days.”

While Trey works for that goal, what his parents had hoped for with bowling has already happened.

“He needed something and he found it”, said Richard Brand.  “I don’t know that he loves anything more, that’s his life.”

Trey is going to be competing at a national bowling competition to be held in Buffalo, NY in July.  His family is accepting donations to help with the trip. For more information on the Trey Bowling Fund email

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