Track MX16 Video Bowling Ball Review

Watch the MX16 in action here

The Track Mx line of bowling balls are designed with the medium rev bowlers in mind. This type of bowler needs a ball with moderate overall strength. The Mx16 takes a medium strength MR-8 Hybrid cover and combines it with the strong i-Core to create a ball that will handle some oil but help through the transitions for bowlers with medium rev rates.
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One thought on “Track MX16 Video Bowling Ball Review

  1. Horace J. Lambert says:

    I have had a lot of success bowling with a 14 lb. freak n frantic bowling ball made by Storm in 2013. I wanted to buy another one of these balls last month and cannot find any of them anywhere. Why did Storm stop making such a great ball? If you know anyone that has a 14 lb. for sale please contact me.

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