Introducing the Vibe Infrared XR Private Stock Bowling Ball

First Look – Hammer Vibe Infrared XR Private Stock Bowling Ball

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]XR9[/custom_frame_left] The XR line always offers those looking for something XTRA RARE the best rolling, most unique balls available and this one is no different.

Presenting the Infrared Vibe XR. Since the last XR release in March we have been testing different cover / color combinations until it hit us. Why not create a ball motion from the best rolling, best selling Vibe of all time the Blue Vibe We used it’s base cover (Cut Throat Reactive) and gave it some enhancements making it more suited for today’s lane conditions. The Cut Throat Enhanced (CT-E) cover gives this ball amazing response to friction downlane with out over shooting the break point. It clears the front of the lane like you would expect a vibe to but the CT-E cover enhancement picks up the midlane better then any vibe in the XR line giving it a larger footprint in the oil and more overall hook and continuation.

We kept the popular Vibe core and made it an eye catching Infrared color with red sparkle giving you the most hook in a Vibe well since the Blue Vibe.

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