Hammer Burgundy

Ok. This one is for the skeptics out there.
The new Hammer Burgundy. It has the VIBE core with a “Reactathane” Cover wrapped around it. I have always thought there was nothing like the oldies but this one proved me wrong very quickly! THIS BALL DOES TRICKS!!! In this video, I am bowling on a typical fresh house pattern. You can see while playing right, which is where one would normally play with urethane, it reacts the same as any urethane ball would. It picks up pretty early and pretty much slowly arcs from there. I decided to play around a little bit and test this balls limits. Turns out, there weren’t many. As I moved left, the ball continued to pick up in the right spot and continue through the pins unlike any urethane ball I have ever thrown. I even threw one inside of target where the puddle of oil was and it still read it the right way! Not only that, but it went through the pins well too which I found incredibly odd since urethanes don’t generally retain energy all that well. I love being able to throw urethane on short patterns and on patterns where they’re very tough and all you need to do is keep the ball in play. However, I am not always able to because different variables, but the end result is always that the urethane ends up going too straight off the end of the pattern, thus creating carry issues and lack of confidence in the ball. This gives me the best of both worlds, urethane and reactive!!! Kick it old school starting 11/18/2014!!!


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