Hammer Black Widow Red Legend Solid Video Bowling Ball Review

Hammer Black Widow Red Legend Solid Bowling Ball

Hammer’s historic spider series is back to bite with the intro of the Red Legend Solid.Hammer’s Black Widow series was introduced with incredible fan fare a couple of seasons ago, and it’s continued to deliver incredible results.The Red Legend Solid extends their lineup of high-revving core motion balls that utilize the High Mass Bias Gas Mask core.Now poured with a carbon-fiber infused outer core, the Red Legend Solid is the toughest spider ever introduced.With increased traction in oil from the Juiced solid coverstock, this Widow is best matched up on medium to heavy oil for most styles.The 2000 grit Abralon finish also helps to deliver one of the strongest reactions in the history of the Widow series.The Red Legend Solid – a deadly combo from Hammer, comes with a 3 year extended warranty.Pick up your Red Legend Solid at BowlersMart.com on August 4th.

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