Next (Xtra Rare) XR is coming – Sneak Peek

When we were testing for the next XR we had many choices and color combinations to choose from. Here are a few of those color samples below that we tested before going with our final choice. #XR #Bowlersmart #ICE


2 thoughts on “Next (Xtra Rare) XR is coming – Sneak Peek

  1. Tim Hammer says:

    with my last name being Hammer, I would love to be the first to have this ball,to show off in our Monday nite league. could you please put me on the list as one of the first to try/test this ball, in league play. thank you

  2. Tim Hammer says:

    I love the old one of a kind balls, especially when the color gets your attention, of course as well as performance. my bag now, contains, the hammer absolute hook, the bad ass, my old reliable, hammer hazard. I also throw my jackal from time to time

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