New AZO Cheater Bowling Ball

cheater s

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The Cheater is our first launch in our Cutting Edge Line. When testing this ball we could not believe how many styles could throw it from multiple angles and it would just keep cornering. After a few tests we kept saying it was almost cheating and the Cheater name stuck.

Joker Asymmetric Core

This core shape allowed low, medium, and high rev players to utilize the strength of the core and cover to cheat on heavier volumes. The core / cover combo creates traction at the right spot on the lanes for all types of games, which made this ball special!

Stacked Deck Solid Cover

The first thing you notice is the Illusion Blue Solid color, which has a deep smokey blue look to it. The Stacked Deck Solid cover allows the large core to put the power to the lane without burning up to early but giving you large overall hook. Lower and higher rev rates could get this ball downlane without getting it past the breakpoint, and when it started to dig to unleash its devastating power into the pins nothing had a chance. Truly cheating!

– Color: Illusion Blue Solid
– Reaction: Big Overall Hook With Strong Backend Continuation
– Coverstock:Stacked Deck Solid™
– Core Type: Joker Asymmetric™
– Factory Finish:2000 Matte
– Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.51
– Differential (Diff): .044
– Intermediate Differential – .022
– Recommended Lane Condition:Medium to Heavy Oil

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