Chris Barnes – 3G Tour Ultra Bowling Shoes Unboxing

Professional quality 3G Tour Ultra bowling shoes. When you’re ready to make that step up, these are the shoes to get you there.


The 3G Tour Ultra bowling shoes are made of comfortable and light weight Kangaroo leather. This strong leather has proven to be stronger, yet more flexable than other leather.

Durable Kangaroo Leather Build
Interchangeable Sole and Heel
Kevlar Rubber Traction Sole
Replaceable Dupont Kevlar Toe Cap
Vented Inner Soles
Includes 4 Soles (Deer Skin, Back Skin, Chrome Leather and Cleated)
Includes 3 Cleat Sets (Teflon, Felt and Back Skin)
Includes 3 Heels (Flat Normal, Rippled and Back Skin)
Also Includes Shoe Trees, Slide-Sole Cover, Shoe Horn and Carry-All Bag

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3 thoughts on “Chris Barnes – 3G Tour Ultra Bowling Shoes Unboxing

  1. Robert says:

    I have had two pairs, and I like them quite a bit. But both soles of the non sliding shoe, tear and pull away at the ball of the foot area. I also have other friends with the same issue. I no longer recommend them to anyone. Sorry, but it is the truth.

    • Chris Barnes says:

      This has been addressed. It was one particular order back then. I have not heard of this happening since then. I appreciate your honesty – it helped us make the shoes even more durable and the best shoes available!

  2. Villachai Mincks says:

    I would like to see a more detailed push foot sole. The current push foot sole is small compared to the Dexter products which are deeper grooved and more detailed. It would be nice to be able to interchange these as well.

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