About Mike Moore - Founder Of MDM Bowling Coaching

The Best Bowlers Get Coached

Working with an experienced coach is the most effective way to get results. Whether you’re brand new to the sport or already competing at a high level, I can help.

Learning Bowling Is Personal

Every bowler is as unique as a fingerprint. I customize coaching to your learning preferences and goals: utilizing video, discussing the ‘why’ behind suggestions, and making sure you’re comfortable with each step of the process. I have helped hundreds of different bowlers establish sound fundamentals, prepare for competition, or solve problems in as little as one session or on an ongoing basis. I know that great coaches need to be great communicators and I’m eager to help you meet your goals.

Bowling Has Changed More In The Last 10 Years Than In The 40 Years Prior

Are you up-to-date on the latest techniques and strategies? I spend my days and nights discussing the sport with a diverse group of bowlers, participate in continuing education on the latest technology and innovations, and regularly work to improve my own game with the help of great coaches. I’ve learned how to excel and coach from the Kegel Training Center – widely considered the best resource for bowling coaching in the world – and from my own experience on the PBA tour.

About Mike Moore – Founder of MDM Bowling Coaching


USBC Silver Certified with experience in basic fundamentals, lane play, spare shooting techniques, video analysis, and the mental game. Mike has coached beginner bowlers to professional bowlers and everyone in between.


Professional bowler for more than ten years. 6 PBA Regional titles, multiple 300 games and 800 series, and FL State 4 game record holder 1179 (300 300 289 290). Mike has traveled all over the country competing at the highest level and bowled against the best bowlers in the world.

Pro Shop Operator

13 years experience recommending the right equipment, fitting, and drilling. Up-to-date on the latest technology and frequently selected to test prototype balls