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Pro Tip Friday with Mike Moore

Balance is required from start to finish to bowl well at any level. When you set up, I recommend keeping the weight of the ball close to your personal center of gravity. I give a lot of lessons to people on strictly just staying balanced. The number one thing I look at is where their ball is in their setup. If the ball is away from their center of gravity, I’ll move their ball closer to them, and they immediately feel more confident.

Unfortunately, everybody is different, so there isn’t one magic spot in the setup where the ball should be. Some people like it close to their shoulder, some waist high, and some lower than their waist. There’s not a textbook ball stance in the set-up, because everyone’s center of gravity may vary. I do recommend that the bowler’s bowling shoulder and their head should be in line with each other (requiring some slight hip and shoulder movement to achieve that). From there, where they hold the ball is trial and error, but just start with the ball close to you and see what works. I recommend keeping your elbow outside of your body, so the ball doesn’t pull you down forward in the set up.

If feel like you’re wobbling to the line or teeter tottering, or you lose consistency in your approach, check where you’re starting your ball in the setup. You have to start off correctly to finish correctly. How do you stay balanced?

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